Support Ltd will source your business with highly qualified and experienced interpreters, skilled both in consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.

According to the Bulgarian legal code all official documents should be written and signed in Bulgarian language. Foreign citizens should be made aware of the content of the documents in question by an interpretation executed directly before the act of signing and in the presence of a solicitor/notary. Such specific type of interpretations should be performed by a sworn interpreter and needs a separate notary certification and a sign by the interpreter, proving that he is personally responsible for his work.

In order to assist you in this matter Support Ltd is ready to facilitate your business interactions with qualified interpreters during all types of official deals, notary witnessing, declaration and power of attorney signing, etc.

At the same time Support Ltd will provide you and your business with the necessary interpretations during:

- meetings
- negotiations
- conferences
- seminars
- business trips
- property viewings
- court sues and hearings, etc

Support Ltd is here to assist you even in simple everyday situations. We provide an emergency phone number for our clients, with 24 hours a day, 7 days per week availability. Thus anytime you are in need of interpretation we can assist you through our special service “Conference call” – direct conversation with you and the person you need to understand with the assistance of a Support Ltd staff member over the phone.

Support Ltd interpretation services are currently available for the Varna region only.